Immigrants from Poland to France post WW1 #general

Rashi Rosenzweig

Hi Genners:

Looking for information regarding nationalization for Jews >from Poland to France in
around 1918 The family name is Kroutchtein (was changed >from Kraugtszlengel) and
they moved to Paris >from Lublin soon after World War I. My great uncle Charles
Kroutchtein (maternal grandmother's brother) settled there and lived in the 12th
district of Paris as well as in Sceaux. Charles was married to Teresa and had 3
children: Jean, Bernard and Paulette. I know that both Jean and Bernard wrote for
Le Equipe magazine for many years.

If anyone can advise me about naturalization papers, etc, I'd greatly appreciate
it. Thanks in advance and wishing you all a Chag Chanukah Sameach!!

Warm regards,

Rashi Rosenzweig
Ra'anana, ISRAEL

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