Inclusion of Stillbirths & Adopted Infants in NYC Birth Index? #general

Deborah Dworski

Online access to the 1957 NYC birth index has yielded the discovery of a surprise
baby who clearly belongs on my family tree due to the unusual surname. She is only
listed as "baby girl." Pondering possible explanations of this finding has led to
more general questions about the database. First, did the NYC birth index include
stillbirths or were stillbirths assigned to the City death index? Were adopted
infants expunged >from the birth index? If adopted infants were included, were they
listed according to the biological mother's surname, the biological father's
surname (if known) or the surname of the adopting family?

Please respond privately. Thank you.

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, VA USA

MODERATOR: Although Deborah requested private responses, this information is likely
to be of general interest - please submit your responses to the Discussion Group

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