Re: Inclusion of Stillbirths & Adopted Infants in NYC Birth Index? #general


Adoptions are listed in the NYC Birth Index under the birth name. The
records were sealed and new birth certificates issued under the same
certificate number.

I also pondered if they were listed under the mother or the father. I
have an example listed under the father's surname. But I can imagine
the mother not revealing the father's identity and finding the child
listed under the mother's surname as well.

As for stillbirths, I believe they are included in the birth indexes.
At least for a certain range of years, they are listed separately
from the other births, but they are included on the microfilms at the
FHL. But that is just the indexes; none of the stillbirth
certificates were microfilmed. And 1957 would be much too recent for
those films anyway. You'd have to try in NYC.


From: Deborah Dworski <>
Online access to the 1957 NYC birth index has yielded the discovery of a surprise
baby who clearly belongs on my family tree due to the unusual surname. She is
only listed as "baby girl." Pondering possible explanations of this finding has
led to more general questions about the database. First, did the NYC birth
index include stillbirths or were stillbirths assigned to the City death index?
Banai Lynn Feldstein

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