Re: Inclusion of Stillbirths & Adopted Infants in NYC Birth Index? #general

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Hello Ms. Dworski,

In answer to your queries, please see the following:

For New York City stillbirths and miscarriages, see
[MOD. NOTE: shortened URL - ]

For New York City adoptions, see

If you find a certificate online and have not yet ordered it, check for what
additional information, if any, appears on because that website may provide the
names of the parents, as listed on the certificate.

Thank you for providing your location, as requested in the instructions to
posting on this website. It often helps to know that information for the
purpose of directing those posting queries to the physical location of resources.

I do not do research for others, and my time is limited. I cannot spend more
time on this issue.

I wish you success in your continuing research.

Edward David Luft
Washington, DC

From: Deborah Dworski <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017

Online access to the 1957 NYC birth index has yielded the discovery of a
surprise baby who clearly belongs on my family tree due to the unusual
surname. She is only listed as "baby girl." Pondering possible explanations
of this finding has led to more general questions about the database. First,
did the NYC birth index include stillbirths or were stillbirths assigned to
the City death index? Were adopted infants expunged >from the birth index?
If adopted infants were included, were they listed according to the biological
mother's surname, the biological father's surname (if known) or the surname
of the adopting family?

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