Re: WEINBERG in Dortmond, Germany #germany

Phyllis Kramer

Dina Hill asked.......... if there is any information on the town of
Dortmond, Germany?
Has information been extracted for the Jewish people who were born there?

I would begin with the JewishGen Communities Page for the town; it is at
Lots of interesting information on this Prussian town...including the
Jewish population of 1,924 (in 1900), 3,820 (in 1925). Also look at the
nearby towns to become familiar, so that when you research Weinberg you'll
find the ones >from Dortmond and the towns nearby.

I would start with the JGFF link on the page...and contact the other
researcher interested in Weinberg.

Then go to the German country database (there's a link on the page) to
see what information it might contain.

Lastly I would go to the German Special Interest Group (there's also a
link on the page), join and send your query to the German SIG
discussion list.

If you are really serious, I'd go to the archives of the German SIG
and see if anyone else has posted about your surname and town.

Happy Hunting and Happy New Year...Dina

Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
V.P.Education, JewishGen Inc:
family web site:

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