Looking for info on Steiner Lipot b. 18 May 1858 at Benic #general

Beth Steiner Jones <b.steiner@...>

I’ve been drawing a blank for some years and would appreciate any help about
Steiner Lipot’s second wife.

Steiner Lipot, above, married Hassan (Hasan) Netti (Neti), born 8 March 1868 Kula,
Serbia (Backa). In turn, Netti’s father was Hassan (Hasan) Adolf; her mother was
Nina Wiegenfeld (Vigenfeld)

Netti’s mother's name can be written Johanna, Anna or Nina Wiegenfeld. They married
2 Aug 1899 in Neupest, Hungary. Family lore says Netti died in childbirth but I
can’t find any record. Her son Steiner Reszo (or Rudolf) was born 7 September 1901,

Some time later Lipot married the much loved woman known to the family as Step
Granny. What I’d really like to discover is her name and what happened to her.

Beth Steiner

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