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Phyllis Kramer

Alan B. Cohen asked:
My wife recently got a copy of her aunt's. U.S. citizenship papers (1942). They
gave her place of birth as "Zaim Russia" when she arrived in the U.S. in 1909 on
the SS Ryndam >from Hamburg Germany. I've tried to find Zaim without luck. Does
anyone have clues or any search suggestions?

Alan...we have a wonderful toolhere on JewishGen...which enables you
to find towns which hadh Jewish inhabitants and institutions
around1900...called the community pages. The best thing is that you
can search towns using various search tools, (exact spelling,
soundex, fuzzy search) in various timeframes (before WWI, between the
wars, after WWII),
and even better, you can search on the yiddish name of the
town...which immigrants often used on manifests.

i queried zaim in russia before WWI, and found these two possibilities:

Deimiai, Lithuania 56 miles NW of Vilnius Deimiai [Lith], Zheim [Yid],

or Deimiai, Lithuania116 miles NW of Vilnius Deimiai [Lith], Ziem [Yid],

i would pursue both of these towns by following the links on their
community page

Isnt JewishGen wonderful !!
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