Re: Search - Friedland (duchee of Posen) #general

Alexander Sharon

Maryannick Merre Lesouef wrote:

My ancestor Maurice Silberstein married in Lille (France) in 1840 said that
he was born in 1795 in Friedland (duchee of Posen).
His parents were Jacob Silberstein and Rose Siskind.
I am searching (desesperatly) what is the name of
this town now.

There were two separate towns by the same name Friedland, located within Posen
administration vicinity:

1. Markisch Friedland, known now as Miroslawiec in Poland. This place had 330
Jewish population in year 1880, and 70 in 1933. Town Miroslawiec is listed in
JGFF towns database and there 20 researchers entries for this place.

2. Prusisch Friedland (Old Polish: Frydland Pruski) known currently as Debrzno,
Poland. Town had 287 Jewish souls in 1880 and 1198 in 1933.
Debrzno is also listed in JGFF towns database.

Alexander Sharon

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