Bessarabia SIG new website! #general

Yefim Kogan

Hi everybody,

It is a very important day today. Our Bessarabia SIG upgraded website to a
modern, database driven website.

The address of the website is the same:

Here are just few important innovations:

- We have on front page a clickable map, which allows you to click on a
district, town/shtetl, and find out what is available for the town/shtetl
- Articles on different topics are grouped in a way that easy to find.
Article are linked to geographical entity: province, district or town
- Search the website: On the upper right corner there are ways to search
the site
- You can meet our Bessarabia SIG Leadership group - click on About /
- There is a menu option dedicated to Cemetery projects and also a menu
option dedicated to Yizkor Book projects. Please explore them
- Town and District menu option will bring you to everything about
towns/shtetl and if you are in a town page you may see the articles
associated with that town if existed

There are many projects we are working on, not yet in the system, and we
will continue to improve the site in coming months.

We tried to move everything >from the "old" site to the new one, but if you
know of an article which was in the "old" site, but not in the new one,
please let us know!! We will fix it.

There are might be some minor issues, like a link not working, please let us
know about it, and we will fix it

I want to thank our Information System Director Ariel Parkansky who gave us
his software to manage the website. Ariel not only gave us the system, but
also helped us to making it as best as possible for our members. Also many
help to our Leadership
group who corrected pages, and made the site better.

There is one project which was never added to the old site, but only to this
new site: Gallery of Famous Jews. You can get to it >from People / Gallery
of Famous Jews, and there are three sections of the project you can access.
Thanks a lot to Bianca Gamarnik for a great job.

Please let us know if you have any questions, issues, comments.

Yefim Kogan
Inna Vayner
Bessarabia SIG Leaders and Advisors

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