Resuming Lookups in NYC #general

A. E. Jordan

I am going to be resuming lookups in the New York area.

Generally I offer if anyone needs documents >from the New York Municipal
Archives or naturalizations or Manhattan probate. I will also be doing the
NY Public Library lookups.

I have not done anything since December so I think I have some old ones ...
or free to resend .. and for everyone else here's the details of what I offer:

Anyone who has availed my services in the past knows I have a sort of set
routine. On these trips I am basically working as your eyes and legs for people
who can not get to the Archives themselves. Generally what I do is transcribe
certificates (or buy copies) where you have already found the numbers >from the
online indexes or sometimes check for missing records with the tools at the

Yes I can retrieve the City Clerk marriage licenses, the ones where the indexes
went on line recently, and up to 1950 is available at the Archives.

As a reminder I can only access births through 1909, marriages through 1937,
City Clerk licenses through 1950 (after that requires going to the marriage
bureau); and deaths through 1948.

I can also do the 1890 Police Census which is not online but that requires
very specific information >from you.

Also I can do naturalizations at the NY Supreme Court which is in the same
building and probates for Manhattan.

I ask everyone to cover the costs including the printing of certificates (if
you want them) which is $11 each plus to help offset my costs.

What I do is take the details you have and in the case of the Archives I
actually look at each certificate on the microfilm before placing the copy
order to make sure it is what you said it was. I am also willing to look and
see if things match up like parent's names or such before I buy it ... but
please don't ask me to looking at 20 or 30 certificates because they have a
similar name. Sometimes I have to clean up errors in transcription of numbers,
research >from your info to find the correct certificate number. etc.

I pay for the certificates and then trust you to reimburse me. (Sorry the
Archives does not permit digital pictures to avoid the printing costs.)

I can either scan and email or mail certificates. I type notes and email.

Please understand that generic searches when you only have vague details (like
Hirsch married Sima but that's all I know) or are trying to breakdown a
brickwall that you have been working at for years requires an investment of
time beyond a quick retrieval and I can not include in this offer.

I am always happy to discuss any and all research questions involving NYC area
look ups.

Allan Jordan

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