Re: Resuming Lookups in NYC #general

Banai Lynn Feldstein

Allan offers look-ups in NYC, but I want to clarify to everyone what
is available for NYC without a visit to the Municipal Archives. You
may save yourself and Allan some time.

FamilySearch has a huge number of NYC records available. In some
cases, they have an index online, and the images are browseable, but
they do not have a link between the two.

NYC Naturalizations are available online for most NYC area courts.
The major exception is the Bronx County Court; they have the index
but not the naturalization documents. Most other courts are available
online, >from your home, on FamilySearch. They are all indexed
somewhere online, sometimes on Ancestry, but those indexes give you
the information you need to find the record on FamilySearch. (Yes, NY
Supreme Court is on FamilySearch; the index is on Ancestry.)

NYC Vital Records -- births, marriages, and deaths -- are now
available >from FamilySearch but only >from within the Family History
Library (FHL) or a Family History Center (FHC). Again, the index on
FamilySearch does not link to those browseable images, but they are
easy to find using either the FamilySearch index, or ItalianGen,
and/or Steve Morse's site. Simply search the catalog for the film
number, then browse the film to find the record you need.

According to Allan, FamilySearch has the same births and marriages,
while the Municipal Srchive has a few more years of deaths available.

The marriage licenses are not available >from FamilySearch.
Additionally, stillbirths and some other records with S or D in the
certificate number are not at FamilySearch but I believe are at the
Municipal Archive.

The 1890 Police Census is available >from Ancestry. FamilySearch also
has an index online you can search >from home, and the images are
browseable >from their FHCs.

FamilySearch's browseable images may not always be found >from their
"Records" section. You may need to find the items in the "Catalog",
where you will find a camera icon next to the films. A camera with a
key over it means you must be in an FHC to see the images.

Remember that records >from FamilySearch are free, so if you can get
to an FHC, you do not need to pay for copies of many of the records.
Printing copies will cost money. I've heard that some centers charge
for saving digital copies, but not all and I don't know if that's
true of saving digitized copies or just for making new digital images
from films. (I don't think that saving something already digitized
will cost anything, but I only know the FHL in SLC, where scans are
always free.)

For records that are indexed on Ancestry, the FHC offers free access
to that site as well, as do some public libraries.

If you cannot get to an FHC or the FHL in Salt Lake City, there are
other people who can help you to retrieve the images. It just sounds
like Allan has a lot of work to do, and a backlog of requests, so
some of your requests could probably be found without his help and he
can concentrate on the records that are not otherwise available outside
of NYC.

Banai Lynn Feldstein

From: "A. E. Jordan" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2018 10:34:50 -0500

I am going to be resuming lookups in the New York area.

Generally I offer if anyone needs documents >from the New York Municipal
Archives or naturalizations or Manhattan probate. I will also be doing the
NY Public Library lookups.

Yes I can retrieve the City Clerk marriage licenses, the ones where
the indexes went on line recently, and up to 1950 is available at the

As a reminder I can only access births through 1909, marriages through 1937,
City Clerk licenses through 1950 (after that requires going to the marriage
bureau); and deaths through 1948.

I can also do the 1890 Police Census which is not online but that requires
very specific information >from you.

Also I can do naturalizations at the NY Supreme Court which is in the same
building and probates for Manhattan.

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