Sarah Goldstein in USA - incorrect match #general

Bryan Diamond <bryan@...>

On 16th Jan I posted a message about my great-aunt Sarah Goldstein,
apparently she migrated >from London to the USA where i sought her
records. Several kind people have told me that the Sarah recorded in
Worcester was not my aunt, wrong parents. I will advise the MyHeritage
site that the Match was incorrect.

So I now have no reason to believe she left England, I have searched in
the "freeBMD" site, which has one or two marriages of her name in
London in each year in the 1880s onwards, but does not give the father's
name so I cannot identify her without ordering certificates.

Bryan Diamond
I wrote previously:

My grandmother Jane GOLDSTEIN had a sister Sarah, born in Ellen Street.
east London (parents Suchar Goldstein and Leah Krohn) in 1865-6
according to the 1871 Census of England, in 1881 she was a dressmaker
aged 15, she was not then found in the English records.

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