Meaning of "Servant" in 18th and 19th Century Hungarian Censuses #general

Hilary Osofsky

There are two censuses of Hunszdorf (now Huncovce, Slovakia) that contain
unusual references to servitude with respect to my ancestor/s, Marcus
Wolf/f, for which I've been unable to obtain a meaningful explanation --
although perhaps the translation is at the bottom of this.

The census of 1771 describes Marcus Wolff as being "in Hungary since 1729;
servant of the Jewish community."

And according to the census of 1838, Marcus Wolf was "extremely poor,
occupation as a servant to endure."

I would appreciate hearing >from anyone who has any insight into these

Thank you.

Hilary [Stein] Osofsky
Orinda, CA
WOLF Bucovce,  Huncovce, Jelsava, Kosice, Kral'ova Lehota, Liptovsky
Hradok, Maly Slavkov, Nehre, Nizne Ruzbachy, Porubka, Revuca, Sulin, 
Satu Mare, Visne Ruzbachy
NUERENBERGER Frankova, Hagy, Krizova Ves, Olublo, Podolinic, Spisska
Stara Ves, Vysne Ruzbachy, Zalesie, Zilina

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