Given Name Kisiel in Galicia #general

Meron Lavie

Hi All,

I would like to know how common the given name "Kisiel" was in Galicia.

I just discovered that my ggg-gf was named Kisiel SIEGMAN. He lived around
1835-1905 in Buchach, Ukarinae (Buczacz, Galicia). His non-Jewish name was

I found a Kisiel SIEGMAN in the Gesher Galicia DB, in the property owner
registry. I of course cannot prove or disprove that he was "my" Kisiel
SIEGMAN. However, based on how common the name is, I would like to be able
to estimate the chances that it is he.

I would appreciate it if anyone could give me an idea how common Kisiel is
as a given name. I personally had never encountered it before.

Meron Lavie

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