Re: Given Name Kisiel in Galicia #general

Alexander Sharon


Kisiel as a first name was actually quite popular.

As always, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland (JRI-P) database is very handy
in assisting in resolution of those unique queries.

Per JRI-P for data already published, name Kisiel (exact spelling) is listed
933 times.

The most popular provinces bearing name Kisiel are Lwow (292 named Kisiel)
and Tarnopol (141) in Eastern Galicia.

In the historical Russian Poland two Kisiel named leading guberniyas were
Siedlce (168 Kisiels) and Lublin (141 Kisiels).

Name is an Yiddish variations of Hebrew Yekutiel (Yekuthiel) one of the
Moses names which means "God will feed".

BTW, "Kisiel", literally means in Polish a jelly, well deserved desert for
those who managed to eat borscht and kasha without extra complains.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

Meron Lavie wrote:

I would like to know how common the given name "Kisiel" was in Galicia.

I just discovered that my ggg-gf was named Kisiel SIEGMAN. He lived around
1835-1905 in Buchach, Ukarinae (Buczacz, Galicia). His non-Jewish name was

I found a Kisiel SIEGMAN in the Gesher Galicia DB, in the property owner
registry. I of course cannot prove or disprove that he was "my" Kisiel
SIEGMAN. However, based on how common the name is, I would like to be able
to estimate the chances that it is he.

I would appreciate it if anyone could give me an idea how common Kisiel is
as a given name. I personally had never encountered it before.

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