Help with a 1912 Warsaw marriage record #general

Allen Kurtz

I am hoping to receive some advice in understanding a 1912 marriage
record >from Warsaw. The record has been indexed on JRI-Poland so I
know the name of the bride and groom, names of parents, etc. The
signatures of the bride and groom are clearly written on the bottom.
But I am frustrated in trying to understand the rest of the license,
to the point that I cannot even make out the name of the bride, groom,
parents, etc., in the heart of the document.

I don't have the same problem when looking at a document from, for
say, 1835. Names are clear, etc. Their are excellent templates on a
familysearch Wiki to help.

But nothing similar seems to exist for later records (the familysearch
wiki is of no help).

I would assume that 1912 vital records are in Polish. It is definitely
not in Cyrillic. I don't think it is in German. Am I correct that
Warsaw records circa 1912 are in Polish?

Why can't I make out names?

Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly
appreciated and thanks in advance to all the helpful family historians
and genealogists in the community.

Allen Kurtz
Mahopac, NY USA

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