The towns Dzyatlava, Delyatichi, and Slonim. in the 19th century #general

דוד נ.א.

I am looking for information about a Jewish named Eliahu Movshovitz, who he or his
wife wife (Gerona) was the offspring of a man named Rabbi Yossele Dlatisher.

Eliahu and Gerona lived in the town of Zytel (Dzyatlava) in Belarus at
the end of the 19th century, while Rabbi Yossele lived in the town of
Dlatitsh (Delyatichi) and died in the town of Slonim in 1858.

Searching the JewishGen database (Poland and Belarus) I could not find
any information. I want to find out if anyone had experience with
documents >from the town of Dlatitsh or >from the town of Zhetel,
archiving or otherwise, and / or if anyone has information about the
Slonim death certificates >from 1858 and how to get them.

Good luck in your research!
Thank you
David Nesher

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