Re: What is the meaning of the kof-heh-apostrophe honorific on a tombstone? #general

Roger Browdy

Further to my message below of last week, I have now uploaded a photograph
of the headstone in question to ViewMate. It may be seen at:

I have a photo of a headstone in NorthEast Hungary (at the time - now Slovak
Republic), >from 1884. Before the name of the decedent and before the name of his
father is the abbreviation: kof-heh-apostrophe." I am curious about the
kof-heh apostrophe honorific used before both names. It is unlikely to stand for
Kohen as they would have just used the final nun instead of abbreviating it. Also,
if he was a Kohen, there would likely have been a carving of the priestly hands,
rather than a tree at the top. Has anyone seen this abbreviation before?

Roger Browdy
Washington, DC

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