Re: Given Name Kisiel in Galicia #general

Saba Isio <sabaisio@...>


I tend to disagree with the most learned scholar, JGFF editor, Alexander
Sharon concerning the given name Kisiel. stemming >from the Hebrew name

Instead I tend to believe this name is the Yiddish version of the
Hebrew name Katriel which is composed of two Hebrew words Keter
(crown) and El (g-d, Hashem).

I also tend to believe that Sholem Aleichem used/incorporated this name
when he named a fictitious Shteitel of his, "kasrilevske."

All the best,
Ita and Aizic Sechter

From: "Alexander Sharon" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 14:42:03 -0700
Name is an Yiddish variations of Hebrew Yekutiel (Yekuthiel) one of the
Moses names which means "God will feed".

MODERATOR NOTE: The JewishGen Given Names Database for Galicia, based on
legal documents compiled by rabbis for use in divorce proceedings, shows
only Yekutiel, and not Katriel, as a correlate for "Kisiel". See

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