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Reuven Buckberg <kelevtov@...>

Hello Fellow Bessarabians,

My father was born in a small shtetl called Perlitz (phonetic spelling),
seen on today's maps as Pyrlica or Pirlita.  It is 92 km NW of
Kishiniev, and about 40 km to Iasi.

Our family name is Buckberg.  My father came to the USA in April 1914
aboard the SS Rotterdam, with his parents and older brother an sisters. 
Some older brothers preceeded them here.  They then settled in Brooklyn. 

I visited Pyrlica in 2006, and I can tell you we found no remnants of
Jewish life.  It is my understanding that the Romanian partisans killed
all the Jews of that village in 1943. The local history museum, in a
small house, had no reference to the Jews who lived in the village. A
local woman, I am told, had some more information but she happened to be
ill and in hospital at the time of my visit.

If any one has any information about Jewish life in that shtetl, any
yizkor books or other documents or information, or if anyone knows
anyone >from that shtetl I would be most grateful to open a dialogue. 

Thank you!

Reuven Buckberg
Longmeadow, MA

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