SANICKI family from Narewka and brother Ariyeh KOVTINIC #general

David Ziants

There are Page of Testimony (POT) at Yad Vashem for Chaya Sarah SANICKI
(ZANITZKY) and her two children Betzalel and Chana >from the village/small
town of Narewka (Narifka) in Russia/Poland. There is no POT for her
husband Yehoshua.

These were submitted/testified by Chaya Sarah's brother, Arie (Ariyeh)
KOVTINIC, who lived in Israel and is no longer alive. He was married and
had at least one daughter, Ruth who is mentioned on a public record. (On
the POTs there is a transcription error on the first name of Ariyeh - the
aleph was transcribed as a mem - and I have just submitted a correction
request to Yad Vashem for this.)

I do not know whether he is related to a family who migrated to Argentina
from Eastern Europe and I have written to a moshav in Israel who have a
couple buried there who carry KOVTINIC name.)

Here is the link of the mother (in original Hebrew - can choose an
alternate language tab as well):-
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I have documented this family on Geni:-
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The maiden family name of my great-grandmother Alice (Alka) ZIANTS was
ZENETSKI and together with my great-grandfather Marks (Mordechai) lived
in Narewka, they came to the UK at the beginning of the 20th century
when my grandfather Morris (Moshe) was a little boy. The two oldest
sisters were already in England and there were 5 sisters and Morris who
joined them with their parents.

Alice's brothers all changed their family name to SCHLOSBERG in Hamburg
on route, and moved to the UK and USA. The family state that they were
from nearby Bielsk so I do not know whether it was just Alice who moved
to Narewka or any of her uncles.

I am looking for hints that might tie up the Chayeh Sarah and her family
on the POT with my family. I am familiar with the Jewisgen kehilalinks
web page for Narewka, and found a reference to Volf SONICKI (son of
Shlomo or Shalom) among early 20th century property owners on the
Pruzhuny list, but cannot see any connections there.

There is a noticeable presence of SANITCKIs in Chelsea, MA, USA and >from
a ship manifest of one of these members and an army conscription card of
another, there is indication that they also came >from Narewka. This
family, >from the grave stones and plaques, have tradition of being
kohanim (descendants of Aaron the Priest). My great-grandmother, buried
in London,UK, is not written as a "daughter of a kohen" on her grave and
likewise none of the SHLOSBERGs show this tradition). One of the family
members in Chelsea,MA,USA is called Yehoshua but it cannot be the
Yehoshua whose family is on the POT because this Yehoshua has different
children in the USA.

So can anyone give any information on how I can find Ruth KOVTINITZ, or
any of the above families to make contact so I can discuss this issue to
see if any of these can be associated with my own. Please respond
privately unless it is general information.

Here is a link to my Geni tree with respect to Alice (Alka)'s grandfather:-

I apologize if posted this in the past,but the current posting includes
some newly found details.

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel
DAVIDSON), ALPERT >from Narewka, Bialystok, Bielsk, Lodz, Lomza, Warsaw

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