Re: Where is "Reslawa", Russia #general

Alexander Sharon

Emily H Garber wrote:

"Perhaps, after the JewishGen Discussion Group has posted several alternative
notions regarding the location of a place identified as "Reslawa" in an
emigrant's passenger manifest, it is time to talk methodology.

"It is never good to rely on only one record to "prove" something about one's
ancestors. Consider each piece of evidence as a clue. Search high and wide for
other records (e.g., naturalizations, marriages, draft records) for one's
target person as well as for records for the target's relatives (spouse,
children, siblings, parents, cousins, etc.). If collateral relatives indicated
different places of origin, look at maps to see if those locations may be
anywhere near a town with a name that may have been (mis)spelled as "Reslawa."
Look for any indications of the gubernia, uyezd, (county/district)."


It is always a good idea to talk about a methodology. But before one has
committed efforts to search through other documents, have anyone review manifest
record for the elusive town Reslawa?


Alexander Sharon

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