MILLERs of Billerica #general


Hello everyone.
Is anyone on this list related to Sam MILLER and Sarah NEWMARK of Billerica?
They migrated >from the Baltic regions, now Latvia and Lithuania), arriving
in New York in the early 1880s. According to census records it appears that
they spoke both German and Hebrew in their homeland. They were farmers in
Billerica MA between about 1900 and the late 1930s.

Here is a list of their offspring with dates and places of birth:
Charles Jacob, Oct 1884, New York
Mary, March 1887, New York
Benjamin, Jan 1890, New York
Louis, July 1892, Vermont
David, May 1894, Massachusetts
Dorothy, Jan 1897, Massachusetts
Henry, Dec 1898, Missouri
Helena, 1901 or 1903, Massachusetts
Julius S, May 1909, Massachusetts

I found the marriage record for Charles Jacob Miller, who was a Boston
lawyer. He was married to Ida E Mazur by Rabbi Phineas Israeli in Boston in
Nov 1910.

Julius was married to Alice Brown in Brookline in April 1934.

Any information about members of this family would be very much welcomed.

Thank you.
Rob Goudey.

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