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Bruce Drake <BDrake@...>

A recurring subject in Yizkor books are accounts by survivors of the Holocaust who
returned to their home towns after the defeat of Germany. In "Stones Tell the
Tale," Eliezer Schenker writes of his return to Oswiecim in Poland, a name >from
which Auschwitz was derived. Jews called the town Oshpitzin. Schenker and his
family arrived "shriveled, hungry, dressed in tatters and penniless...and stood at
the train station of my birth-town without any possibility of recognizing it." He
describes movingly his visit to the cemetery which had been desecrated and where
he found a bomb crater where his mother's grave had been and he set a task for
himself to help restore it. Later, he asked himself if it was "right to abandon the
remaining vestiges of the cultural and religious heritage of Polish Jewry to the
Poles" and he decided to stay, which he did for ten years.


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

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