Polish Jewish Survivors India/US/Mexico #general


After the outbreak of war in 1941 several thousand Polish Jews fled via Iran
to India. I have come across a list of 700 of these refugees (mostly Jewish
women and children) who in March 1943 were taken by ship through the South
Pacific arriving in Los Angeles in July 1943. Since they did not have visas
they were taken by train to El Paso and then to Ciudad Juarez or Leon. The
Red Cross and the American Joint Distribution Committee provided assistance.

The files I have found do not disclose what happened to them after the war,
e.g. admittance to the US/transfer to Palestine/return to Poland.

I will prepare a list for Jewishgen but would be interested whether anyone
has information as to what happened to them after 1943.

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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