Re: Return to Europe 1890s #general

Jules Levin

I have a similar problem. My father always said his grandmother went
back to "Germany". He was born in 1900, and since he was vague about
details, it may have happened in the 1890's. She may have arrived with
her son, my grandfather, in the late 1880's. Her name was Libe Levitan.
Since they were >from Raseiniai district Lithuania, it is likely they had
resided in Germany (Hamburg?)before emigrating. My grandmother arrived
separately beginning of 1890's; perhaps her arrival triggered my ggm's
desire to return. They lived in Chicago. Are there any departure
records extant?

Jules Levin

My G-Grandmother's older sister apparently came to the US via New York in
February 1891 with her husband (I found the ship listing) and wound up in
Their oldest daughter was born January 1892 in Philadelphia, confirmed with
Philadelphia Birth Register.
However their subsequent children were born back in Europe.
What I would like help with, or at least some direction perhaps, in finding
where I might be able to locate a passenger listing for a departure >from the
US returning to Europe.

Michael Fener

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