ViewMate translation requests - Russian and Polish #general

Emily Garber

I've posted three vital records for which I would like translations of
all genealogical information: names, parents' names, dates/ages,
places mentioned, etc.

The first is in Russian. It is a 1903 marriage record of Boruch and
Rajzla Urbas of Klimontow. The image may be found on ViewMate at the
following address ...
If the text is too small to read, one may see the record (akta 24) and
download it via JRI-Poland and the Kielce Archive at:
[shortened URL: ]

The second is in Russian: an 1889 marriage between Josek Haskel
Szmulewicz and Ruchla Urbas of Klimontow.
If the text is too small to translate, one may view the record (akta
14) and download it at:
[shortened URL: ]

The last is in Polish: the 1847 birth record for Beniamin Arebus in
Nawodzice (registered in Klimontow).
If translators would like to see a larger version, download it via the
link provided on JRI-Poland at:
[shortened URL: ]

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much.

Emily Garber

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