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Traude Triebel

The Jewish Museum Eisenstadt updated their Souvenirs/Mitbringsel:

The Jewish cemetery of Abbazia / Opatija: Many Jewish families >from Hungary
or Austria lived or took a cure at the Austrian Riviera. And as with
Fiume, there are lots of names which we also know >from Budapest, Burgenland
and Vienna: Antonie BREINER and her Deutschkreutz-born husband Sigmund, who
ran two kosher hotels; Sigmund KURZ, the president of Abbazia's Jewish
community, married in Vienna and died in Abbazia at age 90; or the large
DAS / NATHAN family: Bernard Nathan initiated the Holocaust memorial which
was inaugurated in 1955. We have brought with us 44 photos of gravestones of
Jewish families >from Abbazia and got to know their stories. And again, the Shoa is
omnipresent: In the index of persons there are 64 names of Jews who died in
Abbazia and the names of 52 Shoa victims (Livia LOEWY was only 4 years old, Berta
POLITZER was 88 years old).
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Happy Purim 5778!
Traude Triebel

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