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A family with the name Coriell (spelled Coryell by one branch) appears
in Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, in 1702. The progenitor, known only
from a cattle mark of that year, was Abraham. He had, apparently, four
sons: David (1704-1779), Samuel (d. 1760), Abraham, and Emanuel (d.
1748). Three of these sons married Dutch women (Samuel's wife is
There is a Jewish family in Amsterdam, with roots in Spain, with
similar names, and which spelled the name Curiel. Has anyone
encountered evidence of a connection?
James W. Thompson (my mother was a New Jersey Coriell)
The double "ll" seems to be a [New Wrold?] "enhancement",
but the "Curiel" family was well-known >from the 1650's
in Sephardic Amsterdam:

17th c.

18th c.

These Sephardim families came, >from the late 1500's, to Amsterdam during the
80 year Hispanic-Netherlands war to set up the intercontinental shipping
trade scipping Spain/Portugal as an intermediary. As the Cripto-jews had had
a better chance in Portugal and the long haul shipping trade was more
concentrated there [IMHO], they came maily >from Portugal, spoke Portugese,
and had to be introduced to Sephardic ritual in Amsterdam.

Some of them were involved as early settlers of New Amsterdam, later known
as New York.

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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