entry to US Disbarred #general

Paul Silverstone

On October 28, 1926, my mother's cousin Hymie Finkelstein, of Winnipeg, Canada, was
not allowed into the US at El Paso, Texas, the reason given ACIMT, Adultery; LPC.
This is on the entry card, with a large handstamp disbarred. I understand this to
mean "moral turpitude" and "liable to become a public charge." He gave is
occupation as "taxi owner."

My question is how did he get back to Canada? Would he have crossed over at
another place on the Mexican border where they might not have a copy of this
record? I doubt that he would have or was able to fly there, or to take a ship.

Paul Silverstone
New York
please reply to paulh@aya.yale.edu

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