Same or different Pickholtz #general

Steve Pickoltz

I'm trying to figure out if the below info is about the same person
or two different people. You will have to look at the info very
carefully, especially name and name spellings.

Israel PICKHOLTZ, born May 23, 1893, Birth Cert #18810 issued in NYC.
He was born at the Sloane Maternity Hospital, NYC. Father was (????
no name given) Pickholtz, mother was Lena Pickholtz. All this info
came off the birth cert that is readable.

Israel Pickholz, death cert # 20801 issued by the State of NY. The
death took place on June 4, 1893 at the Hebrew Sheltering Arms,
located at 210 Madison Ave (hard to read). Parents were Jokiel and
Maria Pickholz (hard to read names). It looks like he was buried at
the Bayside Cemetery (very hard to read). The Bayside cemetery has
told me they have no records of him.

Questions----------- If the same person, what are the parents names?
Where is Israel buried?
Does anyone out there have any info on this person
parent in either and/or the example?

Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey

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