Process to obtain a German Passport in 1939 to leave Germany #general

Peter Wollinski

Dear fellow researchers,
My father lived in Berlin in 1939. Between 1936 & 1938 he attended the
Jewish agriculture training school at Neuendorf Im Sande. He emigrated
from Germany in August 1939 bound for Australia and was to sponsored
by Australian Jewish Welfare Society.

I have been unable to find a source which details the process that my
father would have had to go through to obtain his German passport. The
passport was issued in July 1939.

In particular: What forms would have been required to be completed;
Where did he have to go to in Berlin to deliver the forms and if
necessary be interviewed; How much would it have cost to obtain his
German Passport?; Where was the British Embassy in Berlin located as
they had placed the Australian Visa into the passport; and Where would
have English pounds been obtained >from to pay for the Australian Visa?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Peter Wollinski

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