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Bruce Drake <BDrake@...>

Passover begins this evening. I have posted in the past several Yizkor books
excerpts about the preparations for the holiday in the shtetls of Europe,
which often began in earnest right after Purim, and the joyous celebrations
of it. This week's excerpt >from the Yizkor book of Yedwabne (Jedwabne), Poland
is very different. The "The Unforgetable Passover of 1943" tells the story of
how Jews imprisoned in the death camp of Birkenau managed to have a Seder.
The author of this chapter, Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Greengrass, writes "The
celebration of this Seder night left imprints on my soul. Now, when I perform
the Passover service, I understand the meaning of the statement that each man
in every generation is obliged to consider himself as if he personally was
redeemed >from slavery into freedom."

This excerpt is one of many that you can find in this year's Passover
Companion. You can download the full Companion by following the URL in the
message posted nearby on the Facebook page by Avraham Groll.


Bruce Drake
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