My Ancestors Came from Ivangorod. I mean Deblin! (Dealing with Country City and Street Name Changes) - New JGSLI Video #general

Nolan Altman

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island (JGSLI), winner of the IAJGS
2015 Outstanding Publication Award for its You Tube Channel, is pleased to
announce its latest video, "My Ancestors Came >from Ivangorod. I Mean Deblin!
(Dealing with Country, City, and Street Name Changes)".

The purpose of this video is to remind genealogists that they should
consider changes in the names of countries, states, counties, cities and
streets when reading documents. Things change. And then they change some
more. Even now we see changes in Crimea or new countries like South Sudan.
As genealogists, we need to consider that when we see a country, city or
street name on a document, that information belongs to a point in time.
Information as of a point, that may have since changed.

You can access all 38 of our short instructional videos directly >from our
You Tube Channel at or >from our
website If you have any comments or recommendations for
other topics, please let me know at

Nolan Altman

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