Descendants of Rabbi DAVID, Rabbi of Novarodok 18th cent #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to my family history, an ancester of mine was the brother
of a Rabbi of Novarodok, David ben (son of) Moshe of Kletzk. I have
not found any source which states David's family name (if he had one).
Interestingly in a list of Rabbis of Novarodok where he is mentioned,
the rabbis before and after him were noted with family names. Someone
wrote to me years ago that his family name was TCHEMERINSKY, but I
have not confirmed this. BTW, Chaim Weitzman (First president of the
state of Israel)'s mother was a TCHEMERINSKY.

In the far past I was in touch with descendants of the above Rabbi but
have since lost contact with them and would like to renew my research
regarding our exact connection. Some of the family names connected to
married children were RABINOVICH, AGOLNICK, HOROWITZ.

I would be happy to hear >from anyone who are descendants of the above
Rabbi David and may know about our connection.

Happy Pesach

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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