Re: Which Csorgo/Csurgo could it be? #general

Alexander Sharon

Judith Renee Wagner wrote:
I have a death record for my gggfather, Samuel GROSZMAN>GROSSMAN on 23 Jun
1888 and the town of birth is listed as Csorgo He married Mali HEIZLER>HEISLER
about 1845, I do not have the record. Most of the children were born in
Ladmocz>Ladmovce, which is now in Slovakia,used to be I think part of
Satoraljaujhely area in Zemplen Hungary. They later lived in Ujhely, and that is
where he died. So, could it be Csorgo in Slovakia? Or Csurgo in Hungary? both
not really close or near to either Ladmocz or Ujhely.


Ex Hungarian Csorgo is known as modern Cerhov in Slovakia at 4828 2139. Ladmovce
are locate also in Slovakia some 7 miles ESE distance >from Cerhov, and
Satoraljaujhely are situated in Hungary close to 5 miles distance South >from

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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