Re: "Meyer Aryeh" and "Meyer Leib" - Could They be One and the Same? #general

Jay Paul

I would say that it certainly is possible. For example, in my own
family, two great-uncles' (brothers) gravestones noted them variously
as son of "Ze'ev Wolf" and son of "Velvel" (in Russian census records,
he was also listed as "Volko").

Similarly, my great-grandfather's gravestone notes him as son of
Shimon Leib; his brother's gravestone notes his father's name as
Shimon Yehudah.

Good luck in your genealogical endeavors!

Jay Paul
San Francisco, CA, USA

Researching: SUMBERG (Pilvishok/Pilviskiai, Lithuania), LANGERT
(Pilviskiai & elsewhere in Suwalki gubernia); KAHN (Ranstadt, Germany),
GOTTLIEB (Grebenau, Germany), PAVLOVSKIY / PAVLOVSKY (Mala Antonivka,
Bila Tserkiv, Vasyl'kiv, Kyiv gubernia, Ukraine), LEVITSKIJ / LEVITZSKY
(Yasnohorodka, Vasyl'kiv, Kyiv gubernia), KOTLER (Vistytis, Suwalki
gubernia), WOLF (Austro-Hungary).

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