Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland: Letter M #general


On the occasion of my 86th birthday, I have completed indexing 1,267 names
from the Reichsvereinigung collection where the family name begins with the
letter M. This joins previous indexing for the letters A-L, all of which
are available on Steve Morse's website under Jewish Roof Organizations, and
which will also be available on on Jewishgen. While the registrants resided
in Germany 1939-1942, they were born as early as the 1840s and originated
widely, >from Alabama and New York to Odessa.

The cards themselves may be seen as part of the International Tracing
Service's Digital Collection. However, there they can only be searched by
family name of the registrant. I have added information >from other sources
and this database can be searched by fields such as maiden name, place of
birth or destination of emigrants, e.g. Bolivia or the United States. I
have also added information not present on the cards themselves, such as
cause of death, e.g suicide, mixed marriages, etc.

If the indexing or individual names raise questions, please feel free to
contact me for clarification.

Peter Lande
Washington , D.C.

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