immigration puzzle #general

Rod MacNeil

Hi: I've been searching for my grandmother's immigration records for a number of
years. I'm participating in a brick walls class through Jewish Gen and have
intensified the search this month.I know a lot about my grandmother, Dora Miriam
Halpern.She was born in Horodenka, Austria in 1899 (have birth record), and have
census records, her NYC marriae record, birth records of her children, etc. She was
named for her grandmother, Dwoire Miriam Offenberger.

The family lore is that she came to US with an aunt before WWI. Her census records
self-report 1912.

I found an immigration record this week of an older woman Esther Offenberger Hut
(my grandmother's great-aunt--Dwoire Miriam's sister) (age 50) traveling in late
December 1911 >from Horodenka with a 9 year old girl named Dwoire which is listed as
her daughter (with the great-aunt's married surname--well some version of it--it
was mispelled). Esther Hut had a daughter with the same name as my grandmother--how
ever, she was born and died in 1895. She also had another daughter who was born in
1900 and died two years later.And finally she had a third daughter, born 1897, who
emigrated earlier in 1911 with her father, Esther's husband.

This couple also had a number of sons, two of whom immigrated to the US, one of
whom died in Horodenka. There is nothing on the manifest to separate the young girl
from the older woman--e.g., separate contact information or name in Horodenka (my
grandmother's father for example).The rest of my grandmother's siblings and her
mother used their family name Halpern when they immigrated at two different times
before and after WWI.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation? I am stumped if this is the correct
manifest record why my grandmother might have used her aunt's surname. The age
listed for the girl is a few years off >from my grandmother's birth age but not by

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help,

Rod MacNeil

researching Halpern, Hartenstein, and Offenberger in Horodenka
and Weissman in Chortowiec and Kolomyya

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