Seeking any information about Dr. Otto Hess and wife Leni Hess #general

Karen Schneider <kgschneider@...>

Dr. Otto Hess (1874-?) apparently died in Shanghai, China. His tombstone had been
moved, then lost and finally accidentally refound in 2001 and became part of a
project to find, identify and preserve more missing tombstones. The stone has a
Star of David on the top and the translated German inscription says he was born in
1874 and includes the word Austria.

After researching several records and genealogy sites, I finally found a lead. On
27 Dec 1938 the ship Gneisenau departed Bremen, Germany and arrived Shanghai,
China. The passenger list shows a Dr. Otto HESS, age 64, status married,
nationality German, occupation doctor, place of residence Dessau, Saxony, Germany
and that he was a Jewish emigrant.

The next line down shows a Leni HESS, age 49, status married, nationality German,
place of residence Dessau, and also a Jewish emigrant. It would seem Leni was
probably Otto's wife.

Any clues or suggestions would be appreciated. I am hoping to connect with someone
who knows of the family or get advice on further research. I am currently going
through German marriage records but it's hard to know where they would have been
married. Could have been Dessau or someplace else in Germany or possibly even
Austria. I also do not know Leni's full name or when they were married. And the
Hess surname is quite a common one in the records.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts! Feel free to contact me via a reply on this
site or through my outside email: kgschneider@...
Karen Schneider

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