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Bette Mas <bette.sscf@...>

Mady Land posted two birth records in Polish to Viewmate and wrote:
< I'm trying to determine the correct town name, and therefore its
location of: Malke PELLER, mother of both Wigder and Lea. JRI-Poland
extraction says Pohorlowka, but I cannot locate it in the town finder
or communities database. The father's (Chune REINSTEIN) town is
Kudrynce. >

When trying to identify an unknown town, search JewishGen Gazetteer by
distance and direction >from a known location or by radius within 30

JewishGen Gazetteer
< >
Two villages named Kudrintsy (Kudrynce), Ukraine located at 4837 2618
and 4837 2617.

JewishGen Gazetteer-Radius Search
< >
Possible village Pogorelovka 4833 2558 15.9 miles WSW of Kudrynce.
Pogorelovka, Pogorl'outi, Pogoryluvka, Pogrylowka, Pohorlauti, Pohoryloowka
On current Google map, town name is Pohorilivka.

JewishGen Gazetteer search for sounds like Pohorlowka in Ukraine same
result Pogorelovka 4833 2558.

This is obviously the town you are looking for.

Gesher Galicia Galician Town Locator
< >
Kudrynce was in Borszczow administrative district and Mielnica Jewish
district. Per Google, Pohorilivka is in Zastavnivskyi district. Zastavna
was not in Galicia but just across the border in Bukovina therefore not
found in Galician Town Locator.

Bette Stoop Mas

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