Viewmate: Uniform identification #general

Tsiporah Trom


I've posted a picture on Viewmate at the following link:

Could you help me identify the uniform this young man is wearing ?

The picture belonged to my great grandparents: Fiszel and Mechalina
They were both born in Warsaw in 1877 and 1884.

The photographer who took this picture was in activity >from 1893 till 1909.

The number 3 appears on the cap the man is wearing.

My question: Is it be a soldier's uniform (military service or
Russo-Japanese war) or a policeman's uniform ?

There was a rumor in my family that my grandfather's brother (born in 1873)
was a policeman in Warsaw.
Not sure if it's true. And not sure it is him in this picture.

You can either answer me directly or on the Viewmate form.

Thank you.

Tsiporah Trom
Antwerp, Belgium

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