Else KNEDL (?Elsie KENDALL?) #general


Dear Genners,

My gAunt Elsa Knedl, born in Vienna on April 14, 1892 survived WW II
hidden in Vienna. She came to the U.S. in 1947 and became a citizen in
1952. She lived her life in Buffalo at *** Delavan Ave, I am trying to
fin out the date of her death and whether she married and had a family.
She was married in Vienna but her husband, Julius Knedl died in 1930.
In 1957 (age 65) she filed a SocSec claim. A note on that claim is dated
Oct. 1976. Perhaps this marks the date of her death, perhaps at the age
of 84. Might someone be able to help me find a Buffalo obituary or death
notice and the associated information. I have tried numerous online
searches without success. Many thanks.

Tom Anders

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