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Carola Murray-Seegert

I am responding to David Goldman's message of 26 April 2018, requesting
information about ROSENGAUS / KABAKOV ancestors, who apparently lived in a town
called Igumen. I found both surnames listed on census records >from Igumen >from
1858, and in one instance families with these surnames are even neighbors - let
me explain how this can be checked out

I'm the coordinator for the Igumen District Research Group, a project sponsored
by the Belarus SIG that aims to translate and make accessible 19th century
Revision Lists. These were essentially census records used for conscription and
tax purposes and include the name of the person being counted, their age and
the names and ages of other members of the household. Sometimes additional notes
are provided, like one of my family who fled the military draft and was listed as
"on the run". You can also learn a lot by looking at the order in which the
families are listed, since neighbors often turn out to be related.

In addition to the district's main town, Igumen (now Chervyn), we have
transcribed original records for Byerazino, Dukora, Klichev, Lapichi, Lipen
(previously Kholuy), Losha, Mogilno, Pahost, Pukovichi, Shatsk, Smilovichy, Uzda
and Uzlyany, as well as some of the district's smaller "agricultural settlements."

We are now processing records >from 1858 and 1850. The data will eventually be
uploaded to the JewishGen Belarus Database, but to obtain a preview of these
records now, the Belarus SIG asks for a donation of $100 to the Igumen District
Research Project. Follow this link to donate:

To help researchers decide whether these records will be useful, we put together
surname lists for each town. If a family name isn't listed in a specific town,
we suggest you look at the surname list for all the towns (the link at the
bottom of the page) because the family might have lived in a nearby shtetl. Use
this link to see these surname lists:

With reference to David Goldman's query, if he reviews the 'surname list for all
towns', he will see that KABAKOV occurs only in the town of Igumen in 1858; there
are 64 family members listed. In Igumen, there are 78 ROZENGAUS entries; smaller
family groups are listed in Lapichi, Prasniche and Uzda.

Anyone with family >from the Igumen district who would like more information on
our project, please feel free to contact me.

Carola Murray-Seegert
Oberursel, Germany
Researching: FELDBIN, KATZ, LOSCHAK, RABINOWITZ, MOKHSON >from Byerazino and/or
Pogost; LIFSHITZ, SHEFTEL >from Shklow and Moscow

Coordinator, Igumen District Research Group

Manager, Byerazino/Pahost KehilaLInk

Manager, Moskva KehilaLink

From: "David Goldman" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018

Greetings, Jewishgenners. I have just been informed that records from
Belarus indicate that my great-great-grandfather Avraham Kabakov was the son
of Leib Leizerov Kabakov and Leah the daughter of Shmuel ROSENGAUS. Thus we
now know that my great-grandmother who died in 1935 at 70 was the
granddaughter of Leah Rosengaus Kabakov.

They apparently lived in a town called Igumen. We had always been told that
the family lived in Kanichi, now on the Belarus border across >from Russia,
near Novozhibkov, and my ancestral Shapiro town of Surazh.
Does this picture involving the name ROSENGAUS ring a bell to anyone?

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