Viewmate requests translations of Yiddish #general

Jeff Miller

I've posted the Yiddish message >from a family picture postcard depicting an
infant on the front and message to be translated on the back. The picture,
not shown here, is possibly informing New York family about a new arrival
for family in town of Ostroleka Poland. I would like a complete translation
of left and right sides.
The text is on Viewmate at the following address...

What I know about about the family is my grandmother Jennie (Shayndl)
Fraider married Mordechai/Mottel/Max Mlynarz/Miller >from Ostroleka Poland in
New York in November 1916. The postcard has the date in 1928 in the text on
the left portion with the town name.

Please respond via the form provided in the Viewmate application.

Thank you very much.

Jeff Miller

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