New Data for Galician Towns Added to JRI-Poland Database #general

Mark Halpern

Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and supporters, JRI-Poland
recently added record indices for ten towns in Galicia to our online
database at All these records
are found at the AGAD Archive in Warsaw, Fond 300.

-- Bobrka 1904,1912,1914-1917,1927-1927 deaths

-- Drohobycz 1916 births

-- Dunajow 1925-1934 marriages These are the first records in the
JRI-Poland database for this town which was in Tarnopol province near
the towns of Pomorzany, Narajow, and Gologory.

-- Gliniany 1898-1914 deaths

-- Mikulince 1911-1914 births

-- Podkamien 1914, 1920 marriages

-- Rozdol 1903-1916 births; 1898-1914 deaths

-- Skole 1916 births

-- Sokal 1916-1936 marriages

-- Zbaraz 1911-1929 marriages

With the addition of these records, there are now nearly one million
record indices included in the JRI-Poland online database for towns in
Eastern Galicia. This covers 98 towns now in Ukraine.

As many of you know, JRI-Poland has been linking our index entries to
the images of records that are placed online by the AGAD Archive. AGAD
has placed images online for all record registers with
Signature/Sygnatura through 3278 covering records up through 1915. The
AGAD Inventory by Sygnatura can be found at

For Sygnaturas that have been indexed by JRI-Poland, the search results
table will show a link in the far left column. If the link reads "View
Image," the link will take you directly to the page containing that
record. Linking directly to the record requires volunteers who input the
image-link to the file containing the index entries. This team of
volunteers is led by Howard Fink. We thank them for their efforts. If
you are interesting in helping with the linking project, please contact me.

If the link reads "View Nearby Image," the direct linking input has not
yet been completed. However, JRI-Poland Database Manager Michael Tobias
has developed a mechanism to estimate the page where the record can be
found. In most cases, the link to the record will require the researcher
to move forward or backwards up to four pages to find the right record
number (AKTA). We thank Michael for his efforts.

Our indexing has now entered into the years of World War I and we are seeing
the impacts of the War on the vital record registrations in some towns.

If you have any questions about these towns or the status of indexing
for any towns formerly in Galicia and now in Ukraine, please contact me

Please remember, Galicia researchers should also be searching Gesher
Galicia's All Galicia Database These
two databases have very little overlap.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

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