Searching KASSOVITCH and ROSOFF (Or similar spellings) #general

Jude Solomons <jude.solomons@...>

I'm searching for anyone who might have information on my family KASSOVITCH
from Vilna and ROSOFF >from Minsk.

- Harris Zvi KASSOVITCH- born about 1863, and died in London in 1938.
Harris' father was called Aryeh Leib.
- Dotiska - other family members said he came >from Dotiska but I can't find
any reference to this. If anyone can help me find this place, I'd be grateful.
- Katrina Kala ROSOFF- born about 1870 in Minsk and died in London in 1947.
Kate's father was called David.

If anyone needs help with any connected families, I would be happy to help.

Thank you,
Jude Solomons

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