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Shelley Mitchell

Hi Genners -

In 1910, my great aunt, Perl Terner (Moldauer), >from Kolomea, married Isaac Itsig
Platz Plac >from Delaytn. Her parents were Szymon Moldauer and Matel Terner. His
were Shmiel Platz and Malka Zaunkonig. Perl and Isaac had seven children in
Delaytn, one of whom was named Samuel. Records show the murder of Perl and Isaac
as well as two of their children (female). I've always wondered what happened to
the other 5. I started my genealogy tree years ago in hopes of finding a survivor/
descendent. I hoped some of the children may have gone to Israel or someplace else.
Does anyone have any hints?

Thank you.

Shelley Mitchell

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