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I have taken over the duties of family genealogist >from my father's cousin, who had
maintained the records of my family for many years. Much of the work has been done,
but I am trying to reach some of the relatives that he reached previously.
One of the relatives he found was Ila Dan CASPI of Tel Aviv. Ila was the daughter
of Hillel Zalman DAN (1900-1969), one of the founders of Solel Boneh, the
corporation in Israel, and his first wife, Haya Rachel Ellis (died 1978).
Ila's grandfather was Shraga Fivel DAN, born around 1863 in Olkeniki (Valkininkai),
Lithuania. He married Iudes (Yehudit) SEGALOV. In addition to Hillel, they had
six other children: Zvi Dov (Dov Beryl) (1886-1966); Rachel (Rasha) (1888-1942);
Aaron (Harry) (born 1893); Yehoshua (born 1896); Simcha Shmuel (1905-1989); and
Jacob (1906-1958).
Zvi Dov was married three times. His first wife and two sons (Baruch and one other)
apparently died in the Shoah. He had two children with his second wife Yehudit,
Ella and Shraga, who live in Israel. Rasha married Zussel GOLDMAN. They remained
in Valkininkai. They and six of their seven children died in the Shoah; one
daughter, Dena, married Yehoshua EICHORN and their family lives in Israel. Aaron
adopted the name DUNN and immigrated to the United States. He married Rebecca
GUBITZ and lived in Cleveland and New York. He had two sons.
Simcha Shmuel married Chana Rachel ZIMMERMAN and their family lives in Israel.
Jacob also adopted the name DUNN and lived in Cleveland. He married Celia FARBER
and had a son and daughter.
I have attempted to reach Ila at * Mapu Street, Tel Aviv, but have not heard
anything. Fortunately, the letter has not come back, so there may be a chance the
address is correct. She may or may not be living. She has a son by a previous
marriage, Ron COHEN, who moved to New York, and a sister, Tova ZIV, in Israel.
If anyone can help me reach the descendants of these relatives, please let me know
privately. Thanks!

Sheldon Dan

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