Viewmate requests translations of Yiddish or Hebrew #general

Jeff Miller

I've posted the Yiddish message >from three family picture postcards
depicting a family member or members on the front and message to be
translated on the back. The picture, not shown here, is possibly informing
New York family about a family event in town of Ostroleka Poland. I would
like a complete translation of left and right sides.
The text is on Viewmate at the following addresses...

What I know about about the family is my grandmother Jennie (Shayndl)
Fraider married Mordechai/Mottel/Max Mlynarz/Miller >from Ostroleka Poland
in New York in November 1916.
Please respond via the form provided in the Viewmate application.

Thank you very much.

Jeff Miller
in Poland: Mlynarz/Miller, Berzinsky/Brzezinski/Burzynski,
Proginsky/Proginski, and Shapowitz/Szapowicz, Spivak
in Ukraine: Freider/Fraider, Braslowsky, Trachtenbroit, Scheib, Zohn,
Geller, Koenig, Rosenzweig, Waltzer

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